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HC-110L Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: HC-110L Horizontal Automatic Packaging Machine
    • Commodity ID: HC-110L

    HC-110L horizontal packaging machine is an ideal bag packaging equipment that meets the requirements of high-quality packaging and smaller bags. The packaging speed is fast, and it can realize three-side sealing and four-side sealing bags; Packaging needs for various materials such as body and solid objects; roll film forming is used to reduce packaging costs.

    Machine parameters:

    Model  HC-110L
    Pouch Type 3 /4 side seal
    Min Pouch Size  50×50mm
    Max Pouch Size 110×130mm
    Speed  <60 pouch/min 
    Packing Range  max 60ml
    Filling Station 1 station
    Power 2.5kw
    Voltage 380V 3P  50Hz
    Air Consumption 400L/min
    Air Pressure 0.7 Mpa
    Film Roll Max Dia 400mm
    Film Roll Core Dia 70-80mm
    Machine Weight  550kg
    Film Thickness 60-180μ
    Machine Dimension 2060×750×1330mm
    Key words:
    • Automatic Packaging Machine
    • Horizontal packing machine
    • packing machine

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