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Temper Evident Labeling Machine

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Temper Evident Labeling Machine
    • Commodity ID: MPC-S

    This series of products are suitable for sealing and labeling of various packaging boxes, and are widely used in pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, logistics and other industries. The flexible box pressing device is adopted to ensure the stability of the box body during labeling, which greatly improves the labeling precision. The upper surface sealing, lower surface sealing, diagonal sealing stickers, etc. of the box can be completed according to customer needs.

    Equipment introduction
    The main engine is driven by Japanese Panasonic servo motor, Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC control system, Mitsubishi (Japan) touch-type human-machine interface, fiber optic amplifier (Japan Keyence) devices and other imported components, bringing together many leading technologies to make it Become one of the products with technical advantages in the industry.

    Microcomputer automatic control, friendly touch screen man-machine interface, and exquisite mechanical structure make the operation simple and powerful; it can realize label quantity setting, label counting, printing control, labeling control, label breaking, label missing, colorless Automatic detection and alarm of belt and other abnormal conditions; random production capacity display and label quantity management; label tightness adjustment; label length and gap calculation; host height and front and rear position adjustment; labeling and label detection photocell sensitivity adjustment.

    The whole machine is made of high-quality T6 aluminum alloy and SUS304 stainless steel, with excellent workmanship and in line with GMP regulations. MPC-S carton sealing and labeling machine is a very cost-effective product. 

    Wide range of labeling:It is suitable for automatic labeling on the plane or the corner of the seal of cartons, cartons, plastic boxes and other materials in various industries such as medicine, daily chemical, food and packaging.

    Man-machine dialogue touch screen, simple, intuitive and convenient:The operation is convenient and intuitive, with rich help functions and fault display functions. 
    Mechanical design, material selection SUS304, in line with GMP specifications;The stable and durable machine base and various parts adopt standardized modular design and are fully interchangeable. The parts are made of CNC machining centers and run 24 hours a day to ensure safety and stability; the chassis is made of stainless steel SUS304 material and T6 aluminum alloy. Never rust, in line with GMP regulations.

    The labeling system has fast response and high precision:Using high-speed labeling system, Mitsubishi PLC and functional modules, imported servo main motor for labeling, imported frequency conversion adjustment: extremely high stability and synchronization, the fastest response speed of 1200 times/min, and strong torque.

    The main technical parameters:


    AC220V   50/60HZ



    Labeling speed

    30-100pcs/min(Depends on box size)

    Labeling accuracy

    +1mm(depending on surface flatness)

    Label Specification

    Height 20mm~~60mm  Length 20~~60mm


    About 350KG

    Package Size



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