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Bag Labeling Machine

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Bag Labeling Machine
    • Commodity ID: MPC-F

    This series is widely used in the automatic labeling of clothing tags, cards, telephone cards, paper cards, and other objects; it has the functions of paging positioning and automatic labeling. This model can improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

    1. Wide range of labeling: It is suitable for automatic paging and labeling of unformed cartons, manuals, cards, bags, and other sheet materials in the pharmaceutical, food, and packaging industries; detection and removal devices.

    2. Human-machine dialogue type touch screen, simple, intuitive, and convenient: Easy to operate, intuitive, with rich help functions and fault display functions. 

    3. Mechanical design, material selection SUS304, in line with GMP norms: The stable and durable machine base and all parts are designed with standardized modules and are fully interchangeable, and the parts are made by the CNC machining center for the 24-hour operation to ensure safety and stability; the chassis is made of stainless steel SUS304 and T6 aluminum alloy, which never rusts and meets GMP standards.

    4. Fast response time and high accuracy of labeling system: Adopt high-speed labeling system, Delta PLC and function module, imported main motor out of the label, imported frequency conversion adjustment: stability and synchronization are very high, the fastest response speed of 1200 times/min, and strong torque.

    5. Flexible printing equipment, clear printing: Flexible optional hot stamping printer or inkjet printer and other configurations, simultaneous completion of coding and labeling.

    Technical Specifications


    AC220V   50/60HZ



    Labeling speed

    30-100 sheets/min

    Labeling accuracy


    Range of objects

    Height 20mm~~300mm

    Label Specifications

    Height 20mm~~200mm  Length 20~~200mm
    Paper roll inner diameter:Φ76mm  Paper roll outer diameter:Φ300(Max)



    Package Size




    Printing ribbon and area

    (Matching on the printing machine)
    The applicable ribbon is 25mm wide, the inner diameter of the paper tube is φ25mm, and the maximum outer diameter of the ribbon ≤ φ80mm, forward and reverse rotation can be used, but the installation is different.
    Install the steel print head: install the steel or lead letters on the print head in the required order, lock the fixing bolts to the steel or lead letters, and try to print on the blank paper with mud or ink to confirm whether it is flat and correct.


    Key words:
    • self-adhesive labeling machine
    • Paging labeling machine
    • bag labeling machine

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