• Product Description
    • Commodity name: HCV-320 Vertical Packaging Machine
    • Commodity ID: HCV-320

    It is suitable for the measurement and packaging of irregular block and granular materials, such as candy, puffed food, biscuits, roasted seeds and nuts, sugar, quick-frozen food, milk powder, milk tea, starch, seasoning, Chinese medicine slices, tablets, etc.

    Main performance and structural features:
    Equipped with safety protection, in line with enterprise safety management requirements.
    1. The intelligent temperature controller is used to control the temperature accurately; to ensure the sealing is beautiful and smooth.

    2. Adopt PLC servo system, pneumatic control system and super large display touch screen to form the drive control core, which can maximize the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.

    3. The machine and metering configuration can automatically complete the entire packaging process of metering, feeding, filling bag making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), finished product delivery, and automatically complete the counting.

    4. The touch screen can store a variety of packaging process parameters for different products, which can be used at any time when changing products without resetting.

    5. There is a fault display system to help troubleshoot in time.

    6. The external film release mechanism is adopted, and the packaging film installation is simpler and easier;

    7. According to the needs of customers, it can be made into pillow-shaped bags and bags with hanging holes.

    8. Vacuum double-belt servo motor is used to pull the film: the negative force of pulling the film is small, high-precision positioning is realized, the size is accurate, the packaging bag is well formed, more beautiful, and the belt is not easy to wear;

    9. The stainless steel frame is used, which fully meets the requirements of GMP.


    Technical Parameters:



    Package Style

    Back Seal

    Packing speed

    40-100 Bags/Min

    Film width


    Bag length range


    Bag width



    AC 220V 50Hz

    Gas source

    6kg/cm²     0.3m³/min

    Suitable for packaging


    Film roll size

    Roll film outer diameter D≦Φ300mm, core inner diameter d=76mm

    Total power


    Machine weight




    Key words:
    • Vertical Packaging Machine
    • Packaging Machine
    • Automatic packing machine





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