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Automatic Powder Can Weighing Bottling Production Line


  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Automatic Powder Can Weighing Bottling Production Line
    • Commodity ID: 5

    1、The whole line is according to the conventional canned product packaging process configuration, and the whole production process has a high degree of automation, in line with GMP health standards。

    2、The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the part in contact with the material is food-grade material。

    3、The connection adopts the fast connection mode, easy to operate and easy to exchange the shift or change the product when the health treatment。

    Product feature
    It is used in the automatic metering filling, sealing, labeling, and coding of various powder products.

    Such as milk powder nutrition powder protein powder coffee powder peptide powder chemical powder and other products such as PET bottle tinplate can packaging.

    We can also do customized designs according to specific production needs。

    Can packaging process flow:
    Automatic depalletizer(empty cans)→Unscrambling can machine(Supply bottle)→No magnetic empty can disinfection→Vacuum feeder→Transverse horizontal feeder→Metal detection→No defective filling→Double head vacuum filling nitrogen seal can→Ion can cleaning→Inkjet printer→can tipper→Soft glue cap press cap→Packing and depalletizer etc.

    Technical parameter


    Fully automatic powder canning line

    Filling weight

    Customized according to customer needs


    AC380V 50Hz

    Air pressure


    Air consumption


    Bottle size

    307#/401#/502#/300#/PET,glass bottle, tinplate etc.

    Packing speed


    Measurement accuracy


    Key words:
    • Powder bottling machine
    • Weighing Bottling Production Line
    • Can Weighing Bottling Production Line

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