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Automatic Detergent Filling Line


  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Automatic Detergent Filling Line
    • Commodity ID: 14

    Detergent filling production line composed of bottle machine, filling machine, capping machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, self-adhesive labeling machine and so on.


    1. fully automatic, simple operation and stable operation, which can effectively save enterprise cost and improve production efficiency.

    2. Each single machine can complete its work independently, with independent operating system, numerical control display and other electrical components to control and adjust the parameters and display settings.

    It can help enterprises realize standardized production.

    3. Each single machine is linked and separated quickly, and the adjustment is fast and simple, so that every process of production can be coordinated.

    4. Each single machine can adapt to the packaging of various specifications of bottles, and there are few pieces of adjustment.

    5. The filling production line adopts the new process design, which conforms to the GMP standard.

    6. The production line runs smoothly, each function combination is convenient, maintenance is convenient, and a variety of production combinations can be carried out according to the user's respective product process requirements.

    Key words:
    • Detergent filling line
    • filling mahcine
    • bottle filling machine

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