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RCP-05 Parallel Robot Packing System

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: RCP-05 Parallel Robot Packing System
    • Commodity ID: RCP-05

    RCP-05 The packing machine uses parallel robots to flatten the bagged products from the bag packing machine and load them into the box after scanning the code. The system consists of the packing single visual tracking unit of the robot of the soft bag leveling machine.

    RCP-05 Workflow of parallel robot packing system
    Bag reading —Cartoning box—Roof drop—Check the weight of the whole container—Labeling—Sealing and packing—Palletizer.

    Robot packing unit Introduction
    A parallel robot packing machine is ideal for applications that need to move objects quickly and accurately from one place to another. The system is extremely accurate. Spider hand robot packing machine only selects intact objects and ignores defective objects (such as the selection of cookies, chocolate pills, etc.). The structure is very simple and consists of only a few parts, which is the reason why its uptime is longer than the hard automation solution. The robot has the fastest operation speed. It is specially designed for fast picking up and down The payload of the picker can be up to 20kg.

    The parallel robot has stainless steel version supply, suitable for the operation of high environmental cleanliness requirements stainless steel spider hand robot is very suitable for food, pharmaceutical, medical and electronic industries the robot adopts the top installation, does not occupy the indoor area, and easy to integrate parallel robot packing machine can be called high-speed pickup application flexible robot solution The replacement fixture can be applied to all kinds of soft bags, paper boxes, fruits, cakes, milk, ice cream parts, electronic products and other light products high-speed sorting and high-speed packing. 

    Robot packing unit characteristics
    The parallel robot is a kind of parallel robot with high speed and light load. It can realize translation in the direction of XYZ and rotation around the Z axis in the working space. Combined with a multi-angle vision system, it can grab the flowing mixed products randomly, complete product sorting, sorting, picking up, and packing at high speed with high efficiency, low consumption, and precision, and truly realize the intelligent unmanned whole process of the production workshop Green, safety protection device design, reliable protection.
    It has the characteristics of lightweight, fast movement, and high efficiency, and can realize the rapid sorting of materials, and diversified intelligent pickup, and assembly.

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