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HC-240G/330G Horizontal Premade Pouch Packing Machine

This machine is suitable for powder, granule, and liquid packaging in food, medicine, chemical and other industries, and can be used in various bag types such as flat bags, stand-up bags, and hanging bags

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: HC-240G/330G Horizontal Premade Pouch Packing Machine
    • Commodity ID: HC-240G

    This machine is suitable for powder, granule, and liquid packaging in food, medicine, chemical and other industries, and can be used in various bag types such as flat bags, stand-up bags, and hanging bags

    This series of horizontal bag packaging machines is a fully automatic premade bag packaging machine, suitable for users with multiple bag specifications, large packaging capacity, and small product batches. It can meet the requirements of commonly used three-sided and four-sided sealing and can achieve packaging of special bag types such as hanging hole bags, self-standing bags, and shaped bags. Suitable for packaging various materials such as powders, particles, liquids, pastes, solids, etc. Switching bag types is simple and fast; Replacing different measuring devices can meet the packaging requirements of different products.

    This machine is an automatic premade pouch packing machine, with wide compatibility, easy to change the pouch type, and specification adjustment.

    Suitable for packaging materials in different states (such as powder; Particle; liquid; Paste; Solids, etc.). According to different materials, different discharging devices are used.

    Suitable for a variety of pouch types (such as three-sided seal; Four-sided seal; Stand by pouch; Self-supporting zipper pouch; Special-shaped pouch, etc.) according to different pouch types, different pouch-taking methods are adopted (such as: up pouch taking; Take down the pouch, paging pouch, etc.).

    The product packaging capacity is large (1000ml) replacement pouch specification is convenient.

    Packable materials such as:
    Liquid: detergent, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, drinks, ketchup, jam, chili sauce, bean paste.

    Block type: peanuts, dates, potato chips, rice crust, nuts, candy, chewing gum, pistachios, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, etc.

    Granules: condiments, additives, crystallized seeds, seeds, granulated sugar, white sugar, chicken essence, grains, and agricultural products.

    Powder: flour, seasoning, milk powder, glucose, chemical seasoning, pesticide, fertilizer 

     Equipment advantage
    1, easy to operate, PLC control, with touch screen man-machine interface control system, easy to operate

    2, frequency control, the machine uses a frequency control device and can adjust the speed within the specified range.

    3, automatic detection function, such as not opening pouch or pouch opening incomplete, no feeding, no heat sealing, the pouch can be used again, no waste of materials, save production costs for users.

    4, safety device, when the working pressure is not normal or the heating tube fails, will alarm.

    5. Flat pouch feeding mode, the pouch storage device can store more pouches, lower requirements on pouch quality, high rate of pouch division and pouch loading

    6, part of the use of imported engineering plastic bearings, no refueling, reduce the pollution of materials;

    7. Vacuum generator is adopted to avoid pollution of the production environment.

    8, packaging material loss is low, this machine uses a prefabricated packaging pouch, the packaging pouch pattern is perfect, and good sealing quality, so as to improve the product grade.

    9, in line with the food processing industry's health standards, the machine and materials or packaging pouches contact with the parts of stainless steel or other materials in line with the requirements of food hygiene processing, to ensure the hygiene and safety of food.

    10, a wide range of packaging, through the selection of different measuring devices, can be applied to liquid, paste body, particles, powder, irregular block, and other materials packaging.

    11, packaging pouch suitable for a wide range of multilayer composite film, silica, aluminum foil, single-layer PE, PP, and other materials made of prefabricated pouches, paper pouches can be used.

    Technical specifications:


    Model HC-240G HC-330G
    Pouch Type 3/4 side seal/stand pouch/zip pouch 3/4 side seal/stand pouch/zip pouch
    Min Pouch 120×150mm 150×180mm
    Max Pouch 240×350mm 330×500mm
    Capacity < 60 pouch/ min 15-20pouch/min
    Filling range max 1500ml max 2500ml
    Filling station 1 2
    Power 3.5kw 3.5kw
    Voltage 380V 3P  50Hz 380V 3P  50Hz
    Air Consumption 300L/min 300L/min
    Air Pressure 0.7MPa 0.7MPa
    Machine Weight 1500kg 2000kg
    Dimension 2735×1500×1420mm 3657×2160×1420mm

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