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Round Bottle Labeling Machine

This machine is suitable for labeling cylindrical products in food, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Round Bottle Labeling Machine
    • Commodity ID: MPC-AS-001

    This machine is suitable for labeling cylindrical products in food, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

    This series of products is aimed at cylindrical products of different sizes in the food, medicine, daily chemical, and other industries, and realizes automatic intelligent labeling. When used as a stand-alone machine, the auxiliary parts of the feeding and receiving turntable can be selected to improve production efficiency.

    Working principle and structural features:
    Put different packaging items into the conveyor belt of the labeling machine, and the conveyor belt drives the bottle into the bottle-separating area, and then passes through the calibration mechanism, and then enters the holding mechanism to bring the bottle into the labeling area. After entering the labeling area, the optical fiber detects the bottle and transmits the photoelectric signal to the PLC. After the PLC processes the output signal, it transmits the output signal to the servo motor, and the servo motor outputs the label. The labeled items are brought into the next process or container by the conveyor belt of the labeling machine.

    Operation method:
    Imported touch-type human-machine interface, full Chinese and English display, just follow the instructions on the display, you can easily go online without any experience, greatly shortening the training time of personnel; the production speed can be set arbitrarily, and the production can be automatically adjusted Speed, can match the speed of any production line for the most efficient production operation.If there is any abnormal failure: if the label is used up, the tape is broken, the ribbon is used up, the counting setting is reached, the machine is abnormal, etc., it will automatically stop and send an alarm.

    The main technical parameters:


    AC220V   50/60HZ



    Labeling speed

     60-150 Bottle/Min(Speed is adjustable, depending on the size of the object and the length of the label.)

    Conveyor speed

    Speed 0-30 meter/min adjustable

    Labeling accuracy

    ±1mm(Depends on product characteristics, hardness and roundness)

    Object range

    H 40mm~~400mm(Can be customized according to customer requirements)


    L 15mm~~350mm  H 10~~220mm(Special specifications can be customized)

    Paper roll

    Inside diameter:Φ76mm  Outer diameter:Φ350(Max)






    Ribbon coder/inkjet printer/TTO



    Ribbon coding machine area

    (on a printing machine)
    The applicable color ribbon is 25mm wide, the inner diameter of the paper tube is φ25mm, and the maximum outer diameter of the ribbon is ≤φ80mm. Both forward rotation and reverse rotation can be used, but the installation is different.
    Install the steel type printing head: Install the steel type or lead type on the printing head according to the required order, lock the fixing bolts to lock the steel type or type, and use the ink pad or ink to test print on the blank paper to confirm whether it is smooth and correct.

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