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Servo Tracking Capping Machine

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: Servo Tracking Capping Machine
    • Commodity ID: 6

    Our company introduces foreign advanced tracking screw cap principles and technology, Combined with our years of production experience developed. Tracking type capping machine, using tracking type screw cap, No damage bottle, no damage cap, fast, safe and stable, high capping efficiency. the bottle goes and the cap goes and capping the head as it goes, reliable XY axis motion. full servo motor control, suitable for bottle type and cover type wide frame and shell of the machine mainly made of high-quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance, easy to clean, in line with the requirements of the food hygiene; using tracking type screw cap, simple and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, high working efficiency, servo manipulator cap screw technology effectively solves the traditional cap screw machine skid damage and other disadvantages; capping mechanism spacing, height can be quickly adjusted, can adapt to different specifications of bottle type and cap.

    Machine parameters


    Single head

    Double head

    Supply voltage

    AC 380V/50Hz

    Bottle height

    30-110mm(Customized according to customer products)

    Applicable cap diameter

    20-80mm(Customized according to customer products)

    Working pressure



    20-30 bottles/min

    40-60 bottles/min


    Key words:
    • machine
    • bottle
    • screw

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