2ml-50ml Vial High Speed Labeling Machine

600BPM High-Speed Star Wheel Labeling Machine
This series of products is aimed at small and medium-sized round bottles in food, medicine, daily chemical, and other industries, to achieve high-speed automatic intelligent labeling, this model can be wired automatic labeling, also can be a single operation. When used as a single machine, you can choose feeding and receiving rotary auxiliary parts, from the surface to improve production efficiency.

Operation method:
1. Imported touch-type human-machine interface, full Chinese and English display, just follow the instructions on the display, you can easily go online without any experience, greatly shortening the training time of personnel; the production speed can be set arbitrarily, and the production can be automatically adjusted Speed, can match the speed of any production line for the most efficient production operation.
2. If there is any abnormal failure: if the label is used up, the tape is broken, the ribbon is used up, the counting setting is reached, the machine is abnormal, etc., it will automatically stop and send an alarm.

Model MPC-600
Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ 1PH
Power  2.2KW
Bottle Feeder Turntable feeder
Labeling Method Screw+Flower plate Vertical labeling 
Labeling Speed MAX 500-600b/min(Depends on bottle size)
Accuracy of Labeling ±0.5mm It depends on the product's outer diameter, characteristics and material, hardness and roundness
Gas Consumption of Printer 6kg/cm²
Gas Consumption 0.5m³/min
Applicable Products 2ml-50ml Vials
Applicable Label Height 15-80mm ,Length 23-200mm
Label Capacity Diameter 360mm ,Paper roll inner diameter 76mm

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