Food Rotary Premade Pouch Packing Machine

Rotary Premade Bag Packaging Machine

The machine is an automatic rotary premade pouch packing machine for premade bags with or without a zipper. It can meet the requirement which needs different specifications, big or small volume but small capacity. It can not only pack 3-side or 4-side sealed bags, but also bags with hanging holes, standing pouches-shaped bags daypack bags with corner spouts, etc. It applies to powder, granules, liquid, paste blocks, etc by using different measuring devices. It is convenient to switch the packing type.

1. The whole machine is an 8-station structure, and its operation is controlled by PLC (with motion function) and large screen touch centralized control, simple and convenient operation.
2. It is equipped with automatic fault tracking and alarm system to display the operation status in real-time.
3. The empty bag tracking detection device realizes no bag opening, blanking, or sealing.
4. The action execution adopts a full servo control system, which is reliable, fast, and accurate.
5. The design of the whole machine complies with GMP standards and has passed CE certification.


MODEL HC-G200 HC-G250 HC-G300
Packing speed 82bag/min 70bag/min 60bag/min
Applicable bag width 90-200mm 130-250mm 160-300mm
Applicable bag height 150-360mm 150-400mm 150-400mm
Compressed air consumption 5-7kg/CM2  500L/min
bag style prefab bag(Flat bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, tote bags, M-shaped bags, etc.)
Packaging Materials Single-layer PE, PE composite film, paper film and other various composite films
Total Weight 700kg 700kg 700kg
voltage AC380V 50Hz
total power 7KW
Dimensions 1950X1400X1520mm 2100X1500X1520mm

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