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400BPM Tube Labeling Machine

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: 400BPM Tube Labeling Machine
    • Commodity ID: Model MPC-400

    This series of products integrates the whole line of labeling, palletizing, and linkage control. It is suitable for high-speed automatic labeling and feeding of various oral liquid bottles, ampoules, vials, etc.

    Working principle:

    Round bottles of different specifications enter the conveyor belt of the labeling machine from the conversion mechanism, and the conveyor belt drives the bottle into the labeling area. After the bottle is detected by the visual sensor, the photoelectric signal is transmitted to the PLC, and the output signal is transmitted to the PLC after processing. Servo motor, the label is delivered by the servo motor, the label is pasted on the bottle by the rolling mechanism, and then the bottle is set upright by the pinch wheel and output to the closing plate.

    Operation method:

    A.Imported touch human-machine interface, full Chinese display, as long as you follow the instructions on the display, you can easily go online without any experience, which greatly shortens the training time for personnel; the production speed can be set arbitrarily through the man-machine interface, and it can automatically adjust the production speed to match the speed of any production line for the most efficient production operation.

    B. If there is any abnormal failure: such as running out of labels, broken tape or missing sheet, reaching the counting setting, lack of tray, automatic shutdown of a full bottle, mechanical abnormality, etc., it will automatically stop and send an alarm.

    The main technical parameters:



    Applicable specifications

    Outer diameter10mm~22mm,Height 20mm~120mm


    AC220V 50/60HZ 1PH

    Power consumption


    Labeling speed

    300-400 Bottle/Min
    (The speed is adjustable, depending on the outer diameter of the bottle and the length of the label.)

    Conveyor speed

    Speed 0-30 meter/min adjustable

    Labeling accuracy

    ±0.5 mm
    It depends on the product's outer diameter, characteristics and material, hardness and roundness

    Label Specifications

    H 10mm~90mm  L 10mm~80mm

    paper roll

    Inside diameter:Φ76mm  Paper roll         outer diameter:Φ380(Max)

    label gap

    3mm,Label roll clockwise



    Air source pressure



    Ribbon coding machine / inkjet printer/TTO

    Key words:
    • Bottle labeling machine
    • Labeling machine
    • automatic labeling machine

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