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2 Nozzle Tracking Filling Machine

  • Product Description
    • Commodity name: 2 Nozzle Tracking Filling Machine
    • Commodity ID: 2 Nozzle Tracking Filling Machin

    GPT series tracking filling machine is widely used in food, daily chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. It is suitable for a wide range of products: it is suitable for cream oil products in cosmetics and food industries: such as: shampoo, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, Body wash, hair conditioner, yoghurt, essential oil, food, edible oil, etc.


    1.Fast machine adjustment: the speed of changing the bottle type is fast, and there is a formula saving function. After saving the parameters, one button can complete the machine adjustment, which is very convenient and practical to save time;

    2.The use of infrared sensors to accurately find bottles and follow-up filling ensures that the production process does not stop, ensuring smoother operation and production of the equipment.

    3.Wide range of applicable bottle types: as long as it can stand on the line without falling over, all kinds of special-shaped bottles with the bottle mouth vertically upward are also suitable, no special adjustment is required, the bottle can be placed on the conveyor at will, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers;

    4.High efficiency: fast filling speed, good stability, each filling volume cylinder is individually controlled by a brand servo motor, and the filling accuracy is high;

    5.Easy to clean: hoop-type connection and fixation, the cylinder body and the piston rod are connected separately, and can be partially disassembled and cleaned without using tools. There is an automatic cleaning button on the main control panel. The storage tank with the see-through window on the top of the machine is equipped with an automatic flushing rotating head for automatic cleaning; the mobile external storage tank is convenient for washing in the cleaning room; it can be selected according to customer needs.

    Technical parameter

    Number of filling heads

    2 Nozzle

    Filling range


    Filling speed

    ≥1500 bottles/hour (based on 1L )

    Measurement accuracy


    power, voltage

    2.1KW    Voltage 380V

    working pressure


    Air consumption


    Machine size


    Machine net weight

    About 600kg

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