Rotary Premade pouch packing machine
Grepack is one of the toppest Rotary premade pouch packing machine in China.During these years of exporting , Grepack now has rich experience in the worldwide markets
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Scope of application: Applicable to various shapes, states and properties (rice, coarse grains, nuts roasted seeds and nuts, spicy puffing, chestnut, liquid, etc by different filling devices.)

Main Performance characteristics:

1.  Convenient operation: PLC touch screen control, man-machine interface operating system: intuitive operation.

2. Convenient adjustment: The machine clamp is adjusted synchronously. The parameters of the equipment can be saved when different products are produced. It can be completed by retrieving from the database when changing the variety.

3. High degree of automation: all actions are done with end cams,  which is simpler and less expensive than grooved cam machining, and can run at speeds of up to 30-35packs per minute. 

4. The perfect prevention system can intelligently detect whether the bag opening and bag opening are complete. If it is not suitable for feeding, it will not be heated and not sealed, and the bag and materials will not be wasted. The empty bag can be recycled to the first station for refilling. Avoid bag waste and save costs.

5. The equipment complies with the hygienic standard of food processing machinery. The contact between the equipment and the material is processed by 304 stainless steel or other materials that meet the food hygiene requirements to ensure the hygiene and safety of the food and meet the GMP standards.

6. Premade pouch sealing quality is higher, and the finished product grade is improved.

Equipment Model


Equipment Material

 304 Stainless Steel

Pneumatic Component


Vacuum Component

Vacuum generatorSMC, Japan

Cam Index Drive

Grooved Cam(TANTZU, Taiwan)

Drive Mode

Frequency conversion motor drive

Measuring Type

According to material feature

Operation Interface

Touch screen (Chinese and English bilingual)

Bag Type

standup bags, portable bags, zipper bags, 4-side sealing bag, 3-side sealing bag, paper bags, M type bag etc. and all kinds of compound bag

Bag Materials

Heat sealable film as PA/PE, PET/PE, AL film etc.

Bag Size

Wide:100 ~ 200 mm length: 100 ~ 300 mm (date coding require bags more than 140 mm long)

Packing Process

1. Horizontal bag feeding  2. Date coding   3. bag opener+ bottom bag opener   4.Filling  5.Standby  6.Sealing  7.Shaping     8.Output

Packing Speed

30-35 bags/min (depending on type of product and packaging material used)

Package Accuracy


Control Power Source


Compress air requirement

≥0.45m³/min(Compress air is provided by user)

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