Sunscreen Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

Sunscreens are chosen by more and more people. Most of the sunscreens currently on the market are packed in tubes for everyone to choose. The sunscreen in the bag only exists in a small sample and is used up at one time. However, one of our customers entrusted us to fill the sunscreen into the nozzle bag, which can be filled with 80ml sunscreen, which is convenient to carry, and can be placed in the carry-on bag if it is not used up, avoiding the inconvenience of large hoses. Good portability issue.
We chose HC-180GD packaging machine for this customer, and customized a special conveyor belt according to the customer's bag type. This type of packaging machine not only has fast packaging speed, but also has high packaging precision, which can help customers improve production efficiency.

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HC-240G Horizontal Premade Pouch Packing Machine

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