50ML Essential Oil Bottle Filling And Capping Labeling Machine

For the packaging of liquid small bottle cosmetics, Grepack usually chooses a two-in-one filling and capping machine. By selecting different filling methods and capping methods, it can achieve filling of various bottle types on one machine screw cap.
In 2022, a company commissioned Grepack to produce a 50ml essential oil bottle filling and capping machine, and an additional round bottle vertical labeling machine was selected for production, because customers have high requirements for product precision, Therefore, a more accurate peristaltic pump is selected for filling, and the product is filled twice to ensure the accuracy of filling; at the same time, because the customer has three bottle types, a different capping device is designed for each bottle type, It can realize the filling and capping of three types of bottles on one machine. Due to the small space reserved by the customer's factory, the designer set up a filling and capping machine with an oblique angle that can be close to the customer's factory according to the size of the customer's factory.

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Fully Automatic Linear Filling and Capping Machine

MPC-AS Vertical Round Bottle Self-adhesive Labeling Machine

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