Oatmeal Nut Breakfast Porridge Packaging Machine

Grepack was commissioned by a food company to design a machine that would pack oatmeal and nuts into a bag.
In the early stage, our salesmen and food companies confirmed the requirements and every key data over and over again. Our designers designed layout drawings one by one, and engineers produced drawings, and finally finalized the plan. Finally, on the basis of the Grepack HC-180D model, the exclusive customization was carried out. Two unloading devices were selected, one is a vacuum feeder and a powder head for filling oat flour; and a bowl elevator was used for nuts. Carry out material transportation. After repeated tests by engineers, the manufacture of this machine was finally completed, which not only met the speed and precision requirements of customers, but also accumulated valuable case experience for Grepack and provided successful cases for our global customers in the later stage.

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HC-180D Horizontal Duplex Form Fill Seal Packing Machine

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